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10 Tips for Better Spray Painting with Plastidip

10 Tips for Better Spray Painting with Plastidip   Here are a few simple tips to get professional results with plastidip aerosol cans. 1. Instructions Take the time to read them. They’ll tell you how far to hold the spray can from the object, 12-16″. Shake the can before spraying for 1 minute, if temperature […]

Plasti dip Black & White

What,s plasti dip black & white and green all over. A Chevrolet sonic Look at what you can do with some plasti dip matte black and white aerosols. Spraying the wheels is simple, just apply 4 coats or more, if you want you can remove them from the car and lay flat on the ground. […]

Motorcycles and Plasti Dip

plasti dip motorbike

Motorcycles and Plasti Dip Plasti dip has many uses and I want to show over the next few posts what people are doing with plasti dip with a collection of images on motorbikes, cars, arts & crafts and at home. Plasti dip comes in aerosol cans and paint tins. The aerosols are handy for small […]