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Full Dip & Plasti dip Shop

Welcome to our Shop Ireland’s Plasti Dip & Full Dip Super Store.


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What is Full Dip, its a Liquid Vinyl rubber protective paint just like plasti dip.
You can use Full Dip as a spray on vinyl wrap for cars, bikes , hobby stuff, arts, Cosplay and crafts.

Full Dip Vs Plasti Dip
Works in similar ways to plasti Dip USA. Its as good if not better, smooth finish, ten year life span, very good price and made in Europe.
When using our Shop, you will always find:

Excellent Customer service. Best Prices. Great Deals. Excellent Full Dip & Plasti dip product selection.

Please take a little time to browse our online store. You will find good information on plastidip liquid rubber paint in our faqs section and Blog page. Also check out our videos in the gallery

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