Full Dip Sprayable 4 Litre Tins Application

Full Dip Sprayable 4 Litre Tins Application advice and tips

4 Litres of Sprayable Removable Paint, No thinning required,Ready to use in spray gun, just mix-pour-spray.

Clean the Surface

Before you start spraying full dip, the surface where you will apply it needs to be completely clean, dry and free of any substance that may be capable of causing poor or no grip (dust, dirt, waxes , etc). Full Dip will bond to almost any surface you spray it on. If the surface is not absolutely clean, you will get imperfections and faults.
It is important you clean properly. Cleaned perfectly and you will get a uniform smooth finish that will last for years.

Tolerance Test

Full Dip® can be applied to any surface such as metals, plastics, glass, wood, etc.. However it may best to do a small pre-test on an insignificant part of your project before committing to the full project to make sure it is 100% compatible to what you are spraying over with no adverse reaction.

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Application Of Full Dip

Stir the product well using a wooden mixer or an attachment to an electric drill and then fill up your chosen gun with Full Dip®.
Apply the product at a 20 cm range with smooth even coats parallel to the surface. The first 2 coats should be very light to avoid runs. Additional coats should be nice wet coats. Do not expect full colour change to appear until at least 3 or 4 coats. I recommend a minimum of the 2 light coats then 4 wet coats, but you can apply more coats.Remember that the more coats you apply, the more durable it will be. The result will be better and more easily peeled if you want to remove in the future. We recommend cleaning the spray gun approximately every two tins ( 8 litres). When cleaning you can use universal solvent, and simply blow it through spray gun. Regularly check that the nozzle is clean on the spray gun at all times, wiping it throughout application.
Between coats you must wait at least 10-30 minutes depending on ambient temperature. Make sure you start in the same place every time. Example if spraying a car then start with the highest part the roof. Once you see the full dip changing from wet to matte, you are ready for the next coat. If your full dip still looks wet or glossy, you will get runs if next coat is applied too soon. If in doubt, just wait a little longer. After you apply the last coat of full dip leave it dry for minimum 12 hours before handling your painted project.
Always use proper PPE mask during application.

Base Coat

if you are spraying full dip over an existing paint, you may need to use another colour of full dip as a base coat. As a rule light colours need a White base coat.
So if you are going to spray full dip yellow over a black car, the use full dip white as a base coat, then apply full dip yellow.
Full dip dark colours like Gunmetal Grey or Black are very strong and will cover over most existing colours without a base coat.
Most Pearls and all chameleons need a black base coat of full dip first.

How much Full Dip do I need

Volume wise, small cars – Two 4 litre tins of full dip, medium cars – three or four (usually three ) and for large cars or 4×4 – four or five tins of 4 Litre ( usually four) are needed. Long wheelbase high top vans generally 5 or 6 Full dip 4 litre sprayabe tins.
More details on car size on our full dip only website click here

Not included in these calculations are the Glossifier or 2k Gloss or Matte topcoats , they are simply an add on product that you choose weather or not to use. as name suggests a ‘topcoat’.
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