Students using plastidip spray paint

plastidip spray paint

Students using plastidip spray paint.

“Kids these days!” It’s a refrain heard over and over again, especially when kids have done something wrong. Painting a building or a van might trigger such a reaction, but students in the Flora library’s summer art program were allowed to do both.

Working under the threat of rain for three Wednesdays in a row, students saw that with careful planning and instruction, they could create their own works of art, or recreate famous works of art.

Students using plastidip spray paint, masking tape and doilies recreated Fairey’s 2007 design Afrocentric on the back of Apitz’s Volkswagen van. Apitz says the van has become public art that will take the students’ work beyond county lines.

The theme for the program was “Science Meets Art.” Teacher Branden Apitz introduced students to plastic spray paint that peels off, images from the Hubble telescope, and art that makes a social statement about science.

Shepard Fairey is best known for his Hope posters seen during Barack Obama’s campaign, but he is a prolific graphic artist. Fairey’s artwork is bold and graphic, inviting viewers to consider social issues such as inequality and consumerism.

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