Who we are :

The Home of plastidip Ireland – iplastidip.ie

iplastidip.ie is Ireland’s number one plasti Dip store and  is run by an Irish owned company called IONET SALES LTD.

We are located at Unit 34 Canal walk , Park West Dublin 12.
Our Web store is the #1 plastidip online web store in Ireland where you can get great prices and service. iplastidip stock the complete range of plastidip colours in regular, blaze and enhancers in aerosol and tins. We have a great range of Plasti Dip accessories , a how to video gallery,  what is plastidip and FAQ page to help you get started with your plastidip project. You will realise you can use plasti dip on just about anything.

“Plasti Dip, A Liquid Rubber Paint in Aerosols & Cans”



  • We are dedicated to customer service & satisfaction.
  • We constantly search for better ways to deliver products and services.
  • We take the time to find out what our customers need.
  • We aim to meet and exceed those needs at realistic prices.

What We Do

We sell Plasti Dip at Ireland’s  No.1 plastidip web store iplastidip.ie

we have just about everything you need to dip your car, motorcycle, garden furniture, creative hobbies, art and so much more.

Our Advantages

  1. Excellent Range of Plasti Dip always in stock. Good choice of Plasti Dip colours
  2. Great selection of accessories for use with Plasti Dip. Always saving you money on our products
  3. Excellent videos about Plasti Dip and FAQ on how to use Plasti Dip.
  4. Excellent customer support
  5. You are always next door to iplastip.ie with our online shop and all Ireland delivery.