• Isopropyl Alcohol 14.00

    Isopropyl Alcohol

    Isopropyl Alcohol Aerosol 400ml we use it to prepare a surface for spraying or dipping. It removes dirt , grease and oil from the surface you paint. It evaporates fast
  • Plasti Dip aerosol spray 12.9914.00

    Plasti Dip Aerosol Spray

    If Out of stock on a colour, then go to Shop Full Dip on menu bar above. Select matte colours and pick your colour. Full Dip aerosols work the same as Plasti Dip. You can also leave this site and go to our sister company fulldip and get it thereClick Here Use to customize your cars wheels and grill. Remains flexible under a wide range of temperatures. Outstanding Insulating properties.Add interest to your arts and crafts projects. Add grip to your tool handles.
  • Plasti Dip Blaze 17.59 16.50

    Plasti Dip Blaze

    Sale now on! All Blaze Aerosols €16.50 Plasti Dip Blaze neon colors that deliver eye-catching looks for any application . MultipleColours
  • plasti dip camo 14.0015.50

    Plasti Dip Camo Aerosol...

    If out of stock of camo - go to our sister company Full Dip - Camo Plasti Dip Camo is a special collection of Plasti Dip colours designed to match the many shades of nature. Keep saving your money with our store!
  • Plasti Dip Glossifier 18.79 16.00

    Plasti Dip Glossifier

    Sorry If  out of stock  go to Shop FullDip Tab and get it there.The full dip Glossifier  is excellent and only € 10 euro.  When Glossifier is used as an 'over coat' in combination with touch dry Plasti Dip, it dries to a high quality gloss finish.
  • Plastidip-Glow-in-the-Dark-Aerosol 21.50 19.00

    Plasti Dip Glow in...

    Buy 4 or more for great discount. Stand out at night with this special Plasti Dip Glow in the Dark that stores light energy!
  • 18.50 16.00

    Plasti Dip Pearlizer

      Plasti Dip Pearlizer will add a one-of-a-kind luster to any dried, cured Plasti Dip coating.
  • plasti dip primer 18.35142.00

    Plasti Dip Primer

    Plasti Dip Primer is an air dried acrylic primer. Due to shipment delays please follow link to alternative primer or select Plasti dip aerosol primer grey / clear Specifically developed to increase adhesion to surfaces by up to 400 percent Available in Grey & Clear
  • QuickLine Panel Wipe 26.90 25.00

    QuickLine Panel Wipe

    QuickLine Panel Wipe QA-1000 Panel Wipe is a solventborne pre-cleaner for removal of surface contamination immediately prior to painting.