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But I remind iplastidip buyers and all users of plastidip products to send in testimonials with photos and comments to inspire and help first time users of plastidip, and of course to show off their latest work of art.

What about a Testimonial from iplastidip you say!

Well you can see that in my Blogs and in my Gallery. I have only started to use plasti dip and found the plastidip aerosol cans very easy to use, especially with the can gun1 with great results. I have now started thinning tins of plastidip and using the earlex electric spray gun. On my first use of the gun it was a disaster, I had plastdip comming out in spray and puddles at the same time, major mess and waste of plastidip. Once I adjusted the trigger wheel on the spray gun handle, everything worked out fine. Now I just need to improve my spraying technique with easy to do projects and I should be ok.

kens bmw wheels plasti dip blackkens bmw wheeks plasti dip silver metalizerkens bmw wheels finished wheel

Kens BMW Wheels

Good afternoon paul,
As you requested I have attached pictures of the finished job. I followed the guidelines and instructional videos online and found the plastidip very easy to use once you don't get too close or get trigger happy!

I have sorted the pictures in the order of what part of the process i was on.
3 coats plasti dip black, 1 coat plastidip silver metalizer, Finished wheel.

Enjoy and thanks. i will no doubt be using your services again, as will a lot more from the people i've spoke with.


Products used : plasti dip black and plasti dip silver metalizer


Used PlastiDip to paint this rubber duck to give the feel of the bath toy. Used the preval to spray onto the fiberglass. Used low tack tape to mask off the areas and removed when still wet. Client very happy with the final results.

Tim Barkley, Manager


Good product. I used it to colour code my car interior. I had issues with the dip lifting off the surface to begin with, but Halfords rattle can primer fixed that. Over all I'm happy.

Lisa Whistler, Consultant
Mr. John Anderson, Designer