Plasti Dip or Full Dip

Two Great brands that can be sprayed from aerosol cans and spray guns from paint tins to form a strong liquid vinyl rubber protective paint that can be removed easy like vinyl wrap.

Plasti Dip & Full Dip

Both brands have a great range of aerosols and tins.
Plasti Dip tins that we stock need to be thinned before spraying but in this neat form can also be used for dipping projects or use with paint brush. Plasti Dip also have a great range of specialist products like liquid electrical tape, re rack and vinyl repair to name a few, Click Here to see.

End result if used correctly you will not be disappointed with either brand.

Plasti Dip Tins

Available from 250 ml to 5 litre tins and the dip is thick like honey.
This is great for dipping items as you get a very thick coat on you project or if you want to apply with a paint brush.
To spray with Plasti Dip tins you must thin with thinners 1:1 ( 1 litre of plasti dip + 1 litre of thinners ) mix well and pour into spray gun.
I love Plasti dip range of specialist products for repairs, DIY, arts and crafts. ( Liquid electrical tape Re rack anything foam ).
Plasti dip has a great range of specialist coatings and adhesives.
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Use Plasti Dip to add colour and protect cars, bikes , Motorbikes, Wheels, Mirrors, Grills hobby stuff, arts crafts, Cosplay, Garden ornaments and so much more.
Marine applications :Spray a couple of coats over DC electrical cables and connectors to stop salt water corrosion to connectors. We do a clear version that is great for extra top coat protection or frosted glass effect on you van back window for privacy while letting in daylight.

No sanding required

Clean surface, dry and spray. Will not peel or flake like traditional paint , it always remains flexible in hot or cold climate.
Spray on Glass, Plastic, Metal, Concrete and Wood. Can be peeled off from non porous surfaces like Metal, Plastic and Glass if 4 or more coats are applied.The more coats you apply the stronger it becomes.

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