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Motorcycles and Plasti Dip

plasti dip motorbike

Motorcycles and Plasti Dip Plasti dip has many uses and I want to show over the next few posts what people are doing with plasti dip with a collection of images on motorbikes, cars, arts & crafts and at home. Plasti dip comes in aerosol cans and paint tins. The aerosols are handy for small […]

Plasti Dip Home & Garden

Plasti Dip Home & Garden If you never heard of Plasti Dip, then checkout our website iplastidip.ie It’s that Liquid rubber coating that you can dip from a can or spray with a paint gun or from an aerosol can. It leaves a nice textured finish and once cured PlastiDip is very durable. On Wood: […]