Plasti Dip Home & Garden

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Plasti Dip Home & Garden

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It’s that Liquid rubber coating that you can dip from a can or spray with a paint gun or from an aerosol can. It leaves a nice textured finish and once cured PlastiDip is very durable. On Wood: Seals & protects from weathering, METAL: Reduces vibration, deadens sound, and prevents corrosion, GLASS: Shatter proofs glass objects (available in clear). It will withstand pressure washing and every day weather conditions.

Plastidip bicyclePlastidip bike white green

The paint has a texture that wraps around your surface to a smooth colourful look. It comes in a great selection of matte colours, Blaze neon colours and a selection of cool enhancers.
plasti dip home & gardenplastidip home & garden

Plastidip is removable on most surfaces, if you spray 4 coats or more. You can apply plasti dip primer, specifically developed to increase adhesion to surfaces by up to 400 percent.
You can paint almost anything with plastidip. People are painting cars, motorbikes, tools, art & craft projects, garden furniture and garden equipment.

plasti dip home & gardenplastidip camo motorbike 2
As you can see, plastidip around the home and garden is a great idea to add colour and long lasting protection to your projects.
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You can buy plastidip in 250ml handy size cans to get you experimenting on small projects and practising your dipping technique  to perfection.