Car Parts protected with Plasti Dip


Protect Car Parts with Plasti Dip

Plasti dip is a coating that can be put over a car parts like wheels, mirrors, grill, body stripes or even the whole car. Applied correctly and the part will be protected from dirt, grime, and other unwanted particles that can build up and cause corrosion.

Protect Car Parts with Plasti Dip
Plastidip styling
Protect Car Parts with Plasti Dip
Plasti Dip Car styling
Protect Car Parts with Plasti Dip
Fun with Plastidip
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Want protection without colour change.

You can use plastidip clear to avoid unwanted stone chips on side skirts and front bumper.The Plasti dip product stays applied & flexible whether experiencing weather of -34°C or + 95°C .

when the time comes for a colour change, its easy to remove, leaving original car paint in perfect condition. There are numerous Plasti dip colors available too, so you should find one that looks amazing with your car’s color scheme. There are thousands of aftermarket parts that can be added to modify the appearance of your vehicle and you can make use of plastidip to protect them and add your own choice of colour & metalizer for that extra effect.

Bright Gold Metalizer
[spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] Making improvements to your new or old car does not have to be expensive, buy a couple of plastidip aerosol cans and have some fun. Start with colour coding your mirrors or wheels, it can provide a great deal of pleasure while making a big difference to how your car looks.

When applying plastidip you need a minimum of four coats to give basic protection and good looking durable finish.
if you want maximum protection from your plastidip, then go with a minimum of six coats, have a look at this home video How Durable is Plastidip to see how good & strong six coats of plasti dip looks like.