Plasti Dip Metalizer



Metalizers must be used on a base coat of matte plastidip or Full Dip
Available in Plasti Dip Bright Aluminum , Silver ,Gold , Copper , Bright Gold , Red , Violet , Green and Blue Metalizer.
Using Plasti Dip Enhancers couldn’t be easier; the results couldn’t be better.



Plasti Dip Metalizer plasti dip metalizer

All Metalizers need to go on top of a base coat of plastidip or Full Dip, usually matte Black for best results. Plasti dip metalizer Creates a metallic finish on Plasti Dip coated items!

With Plasti Dip Metalizer you can add a shimmering, metallic finish to your Plasti Dip coated applications, to further enhance and add variety to your project.

Available Colours: Plasti Dip Bright Aluminum , Silver ,Gold , Copper , Bright Gold , Red , Violet , Green and Blue Metalizer.

Once the matt finish Plasti Dip has been applied, and allowed to dry, the Metalizer can be simply sprayed over the top to add the Metallic finish. Further coats can be applied to increase the Metallic effect.

PlastiDip Metalizers come in a choice of Silver, Copper, Bright Gold and Gold  in our handy aerosol spray & can.

Plasti Dip Enhancers are specially designed to make the already-outstanding Plasti Dip home solutions even better. Enhancers are easy to use and will give any Plasti Dipped item a unique look.

Plasti Dip, whether in the original dip-on/brush-on formula or the aerosol variety, dries to a soft, satin finish. This look works fine for many applications, but often a different finish is desired. With Plasti Dip Glossifier, you can give any Plasti Dipped item a glossy, polished look.

Using Plasti Dip Metalizer couldn't be easier; the results couldn't be better. Plasti Dip Metalizer is formulated to bond with the unique chemical structure of cured Plasti Dip for superior adhesion and long life. Plasti Dip Enhancers are not recommended for use on any other surface. See product labels for further information.

HINTS: A dry film thickness of 12-15 mils is recommended for best results. Approximate dry mil thickness per coat for spraying 2-5 mils.

Using Plasti Dip Spray in cooler temperatures can affect drying times, finish quality, and spray performance. If you plan on spraying your project in cooler conditions, we recommend pre-warming the aerosol can by placing it in a warm room and allowing the contents to reach room temperature. Make sure you mix spray paint thoroughly by shaking can for 2 minutes before spraying plasti dip and repeat mixing process before each additional coat. Under no circumstances should users subject the aerosol can to temperatures above 48°Celsius or use heat from an open flame or other sources of ignition to pre-warm the spray can. Additionally, cooler conditions may affect the surface you are spraying. If you are concerned about spraying your project in cooler temperatures, test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure the resulting finish will be what you’re looking for.

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