Plastidip projects for the weekend

Plastidip Blaze yellow

Wondering what to do for the weekend?

Plastidip projects
Look no further than iplastdip. From rims and stripes to mirrors and grills, we’ve put together some cool auto plastidip projects you can do with Plastidip Aerosols. Whether you’re picking up a can of Plasti Dip for the first time or you’re a seasoned Diphead, we found projects suited for all levels of experience.

Trim and logos :

Are a good mini plastidip project to start with for a first time user of Plastidip, especially if you’re looking for a subtle change.

plastidip matte black badge

Plastidip blaze orange badgevw plastidip badge
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Try out plastidip projects  stripes and mirrors:

give each stripe a different look and get more adventurous over time and Selecting the right colour for mirrors always looks good.

bmw stripePlastidip projects plastidip Black Stripescar wing mirrors

PlastiDipping your rims:

This adds a layer of protection and a cool new color, so it’s totally a win-win situation.


[spacer] Transform your car’s interior with your own personal plastidip look.
plastidip projects blaze green dashInteriorplastidip interior
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Why not plastidip your Car grill, it always looks good in Plastidip matte black
Plastidip Projects AUDI GRILLBLACK GRILLplastidip projects merc grill
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Or go with a Plastidip Blaze Yellow all over for serious attention & good looks.
Plastidip Blaze Yellow
We have just recently started our own youtube channel at iplastidip with ideas, hints, tips and many uses for plastidip. Over time we will cover the projects above and so much more in our channel, so have a look and subscribe to get the latest video.