Design your own Kate Spade, Taylor Swift-inspired sneakers

Red Tips
These red tipped gems are the easiest to make, but they do require one special material that can be found in the spray paint department of most hardware stores. Plasti Dip is basically a paint that dries as a plastic rubber and you will need it for these shoes. Tape off the toe area of a pair of denim finish sneakers, making sure the areas are even on the two shoes. In a well ventilated area, spray the toe with red Plasti Dip paint and let dry. Repeat the spray/dry process two more times to get a well-covered tip. When the paint is dry, carefully pull off the tape. You want to pull it away from the painted area to prevent rips in the rubber.

Sweet sneakers are a great transitional footwear choice as summer turns to fall. They look adorable with shorts and summer dresses, but can also get the job done as the weather gets too chilly for sandals.Keds are the ubiquitous little white sneaker and they have done some high end fashion collaborations. They teamed up with Taylor Swift for a line and also have a Kate Spadecollection.

The only downside of these adorable collaborations is that you end up spending €75 for a pair of Keds. That seems a tad pricy, especially when you are old enough to remember Keds costing all of €10 and being your go-to knock around shoes. What is a shoe lover to do? Grab some basic crafting supplies and make your own Kate Spade inspired kicks!


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