How to Spray PlastiDip Aerosol Cans

How to Spray Plastidip Aerosol Cans

How to Spray PlastiDip Aerosol Cans

To get perfect results every time you Spray PlastiDip Aerosol Cans follow a few simple instructions.

when you pick up the can of plasti dip and it feels very cold in your hand, do not use.
Take in to the house and leave in a warm room for an hour to get can at room temperature.
If in a hurry warm the plasti dip aerosol in a plastic jug of warm water, not boiling water for ten minutes.
Then shake the can of plastidip for at least one minute. Doing this will give you a smooth paint finish on your project and you will get all the contents of plasti dip out of the aerosol can.
A Plasti dip aerosol can that is cold or mixed badly will spit when spraying and leave some of the contents of the aerosol can behind.

Your first spray coat of plastidip should be a light dust coat, this will make plastidip grip very well to your project and also dry very fast.You can apply a second light coat if you wish a this may help more with adhesion.
Now you are ready for your next coat of plasti dip, this time lay down a heavier coat and after its dry apply a total of four coats of plasti dip. You should always apply a minimum of four coats to any project. it will look good, be easy to remove if you want and it will be more durable.

Every time you put the can down,wipe the spray nozzle, as plastidip leaves a tiny dry film over the nozzle which can block the spray paint comming out for a few seconds when you go to spray. Also when you pick the aerosol can up for another spray of plastidip, give the can a shake for a few seconds, this keeps the plasti dip mixed well. Plasti dip takes a full 24 hours to cure, but can be handled carefully after its touch dry.
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