Plasti Dip at Home

Plasti Dip at Home

Enjoy this great selection of photos that will kick start your creative side and start your plasti dip at home project, or you can copy one of the projects that you see here and put your personal touch to your finished plastidip creation.

we have a great selection of plastidip colours in matte and neon blaze. The enhancers come in a top coat glossifier and the metalizers in silver, copper and gold finish. Your plasti dip at home projects will always look good with our complete range of plastidip.

Any plastidip project can be sprayed,brushed or dipped.
When applying plastidip on small items, it is easy to pour Plasti Dip from paint can in to a jar or bowl and dip. you can see this in some of the photos. Remove object at a rate of 1 inch every 5 seconds. once finished return plastidip to the can as it starts to dry fast. If your can of plastidip has dried out, you can add a small amout of thinners, mix well and use again.
Larger items can be brushed or sprayed.

When using plastidip, go to your garage, shed or outside if the weather is good. Plastidip fumes do not smell good and are bad for you like most paints. Plasti DipĀ® does not contain any heavy metals, and when completely dry, is considered harmless. However, it is not recommended that it be used on items that may be chewed or inserted into the mouth as it may present a choking hazard. Always wear a Respirator Mask & safety goggles.

If this is your first time to use plastidip then please check out our FAQ section, video gallery and blog section.
This will give you a great start to using plastdip with great success every time.

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