Saab gets Plasti Dip all over

Saab gets Plasti Dip all over

After getting acquainted with the spray gun included in the DIY Plasti Dip kit, I went right into it.

I decided to leave the roof black, and tested different looks with the trunk, but decided to dip the whole trunk lid. I started on the driver’s side fender and working my way evenly around the car. The coverage was excellent, and the spray gun is adjustable to allow more dip to pass through for the thicker coats.

I worked on one coat, getting a bit closer on the second coat, and so on for the next two coats. The whole process including prep work took about 10 easy hours. The only trouble I had was keeping the surface clear of imperfections – despite being indoors, the bugs seemed to love landing on the wet surfaces.

I followed the four coats of Anthracite Gray – a true metallic Plasti Dip – with two coats of a gloss clear coat. I ordered five spray cans of the anthracite gray to use for touch-ups, but the new dip doesn’t blend as nicely as I had hoped. It does come in handy for small imperfections that come from daily driving the Saab.

In this article by Lyndon Johnson, he emphasizes the general blandness of automotive paint. Plasti Dip is a fantastic solution, not only because it is removable, there are endless colors one can create. Thanks to the different flakes offered by, and other distributors such as Kandy Pearl, different finishes can be had. From a variety of color flip pearls to large holographic pearls, one can drastically change the appearance of their vehicle.

The white stock wheels that I previously Plasti Dipped really pop – you can check them out here. The car drastically changes in direct sunlight, where the little flakes in the dip really shine. Aside from the bugs and little hiccups in the tape work, I’m content. I plan to redo the car soon with a couple of fresh coats, and I’ll be sure to make them even more thick this time. Unlike painting, when it comes to Plasti Dip, don’t be afraid to get up-close with the sprayer. I’ll be sure to put up comparisons if the thicker coats make a big difference, which I’m hoping it will in terms of durability.

The car has been through about 2,500 miles after being Plasti Dipped, including heavy rain storms and many highway miles. I’m happy to say the Plasti Dip still shines the way it did the day after I dipped it.

The finished product of my Plasti Dip job on the Saab 9-3 looks good, if I do say so. (Frank Cruz photo)

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Saab Plasti Dip all over