Earlex MS3000 Motor Spray

Earlex Motorspray MS3000

Earlex MS3000 Motor Spray

Earlex MS3000 Motor Spray, use with Confidence for both first time users and experts.
The Earlex MS3000 MotorSpray has been designed so it is simple to use and provides professional results every time
whether you are a first time user or a professional.

At iplastidip we sell the MS3000 Spray System for use with removable rubber coating Plasti Dip.
It is also suitable for all rubber coating materials as well as solvent and water based enamels, primers and lacquers.

1. 12 metre hose
2. 57% more atomisation power compared to the MS2901
3. Much quieter turbine
4. Improved finish and atomisation
5. Easier to clean
6. Also although the unit looks the same the turbine inside is completely different. The new turbine is fitted with the Wagner X boost turbine (special dedicated turbine for HVLP) , also the turbine has a low flash point which means it is much much safer to use when compared to the MS2901.

Product features
Spraying system designed for applying plasti dip rubber coating onto vehicles.
Complete creative flexibility; apply graphics, modify wheels and spoilers or do a total re-spray.
High-performance turbine for a perfect professional finish.
Precision application for detailed work and hard to reach areas such as wheels and radiator grills.
If you get tired of the old colour simply peel off the Plasti Dip rubber coating and spray on a brand new colour.
Plastidip coatings protect the vehicle from stone chippings, scratches and colour fading.

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