Saab gets some holiday cheer via Plasti dip

Chris’s Saab gets some holiday cheer via Plasti dip

As the Plasti Dipping trend roars on, my buddy Chris decided to add some holiday spirit to his 2007 Saab 9-3 by going with green Plasti Dip for his winter wheel setup.

This isn’t his Saab 9-3’s first time being the heart of a Plasti Dip project. Chris has freshened up the look of this Saab by dipping the trim black, as well as the badges. I also got the idea of my white wheels from Chris, who has Plasti Dipped his summer wheels white, and man do they look good. With his Saab being red, the color combo is sure to spread some holiday cheer.

saab wheel white

I was unsure of how I’d feel with the wheels being Blaze Green, but the color that was produced isn’t as much of a neon green Plasti Dip as I had imagined, and it looks quite good actually. The wheels being Plasti Dipped are a set of 16-inch OEM Saab wheels.

Blaze Green is a brighter color like white, so more coats need to applied for even coverage. As previously mentioned, I was happy to see that the green plasti dip had come out darker than anticipated. It’s recommended to put down a few coats of gray or white plasti dip to get better coverage and a brighter more neon color from the Blaze Green plasti dip. Chris did a good job as the plasti dip is smooth, even, and shines beautifully. The shine is enhanced by a couple coats of metallizer and a few top coats of glossifier clear coat. The look is topped off with holiday spirited center caps, that feature the Saab griffin with a Santa Clause hat, be sure to check out the images!

by Frank Cruz