Spray Trigger Aerosol Spray Gun


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Spray Trigger

Converts almost any aerosol can with Snap-on spray trigger.

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Spray Trigger Aerosol Spray Gun

The snap-on spray trigger aerosol Spray gun for aerosol cans. Its a new pistol grip spray can tool that easily snaps on to any standard aerosol spray can. It Transforms them into professional style spray gun with improved control for hours of effortless pain free spraying.

With smooth leverage action that substantially reduces up to ten times less force required to actuate the can’s valve, providing effortless spraying.
The Lock attachment ring makes attaching and removing easy and fits 100% of all standard spray cans.

Spray Trigger Design Comfort and Control
The snap-on spray trigger can increase user comfort and eliminates finger,hand ,wrist strain and fatigue.
This improves spraying accuracy,control and productivity.
Buy it now and it will transform the way you use aerosol cans.
Look after it and it will last a life time.