Full Dip Absolute Chameleon Aerosol Spray


Absolute Chameleon

Chameleons are great looking colours and usually change colour, depending on light & viewing angle.

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Full Dip Absolute Chameleon Aerosol Spray

Full Dip Absolute Chameleon
Green to Red/Purple

Chameleons are a great looking colour and generally change from 2-4 colours, depending on lighting and angle looked at.
Use a black base coat for the chameleon to work effectively as seen in the images. You can use other full dip light base colours, but this may change the effect on the final look,see attached images.
I would recommend full dip black for most of the time, but you can experiment with lighter base coats.

Two very light dust coats of black followed by 2 wet coats of black. Then 3 wet coats of the absolute chameleon.

This is the most striking chameleon, with mixtures of colors ranging from green to red and violet with real matte metallic look.

CAUTION: Apply Full Dip Black base for maximum contrast.

As you can see in the pictures, with white base finish is much warmer. While application of basic black in color Full Dip, the end result is much more powerful, more aggressive and more color contrast.

The finish looks good as a satin finish, but I recommend a high gloss finish or full dip glossifier for the best look.