HCF Paint

Protect or Coat with HCF Paint. Flexible Hard Coat Finish!

HCF is a non-toxic single component coating, that demands no extensive preparation before application. It is a flexible acrylic water base coating, similar to paint, but far more durable. It’s very low V.O.C.s, non-flammable and high solids content make it an Emission Control Coating System, eccs®, that can be air dried or heat cured to meet production demands.

HCF is not removable like plasti dip. It is a permanent water base paint that stays flexible.

HCF can be sprayed (Add 10% distilled or bottled water & mix very thoroughly), dipped or brushed, and can be applied to metal, wood, plastic, UPVC and more. HCF exhibits excellent petroleum, chemical, UV, corrosion and abrasion resistance.

HCF The safety of a water base with the performance of a solvent base coating!

Looking for UPVC Coating? Need a flexible, plastic coating for wood, metal, aluminium or plastic? Search no more – You’ve found HCF!
HCF, short for “Hard Coat Finish” stops and prevents rust but also works better than paint on wooden surfaces. This quick and easy to use coating, works really well on plastic, metal wood and more.
HCF is a flexible acrylic, water base Silky/Gloss coating that is tough, durable and very hard wearing.
Coverage – One Litre covers approx 25 Sq Ft @ 5 Mils
Typical applications include:

Protecting and color coding transformers, coils, tools, fixtures and brackets, oil handling equipment, heavy machinery, chain link fence components, garden furniture/machinery, window frames, wooden structures, shutters, shiplap wooden boarding, concrete and brick constructions.
HCF bonds to metal, wood, concrete and plastics. HCF bonds to metal, wood, concrete and plastics.
Available in 5Litre, 2.5 Litre, 750ml Tins
HCF paint colours