Kleen Edge Low Tack Masking Tape


Brilliant With Plastidip

Kleen Edge Low Tack Masking Tape is perfect for masking on top of Plastidip.
KleenEdge Low Tack Painting Tape in 3 sizes



Masking Tape

Kleen Edge Low Tack Masking Tape

Brilliant With Plastidip

We have used this on Plasti dip for general masking and for doing the camo colours and stripes.
Kleen Edge Low Tack Masking Tape is perfect for masking on top of Plastidip, where you may apply a stripe or second colour. If you are just applying a plasti dip coloured stripe on original paint, the you can use regular masking tape and remove tape while plastidip is still wet, to get good edge on plastidip. If you are applying plastidip stripe over plastidip colour, then use our Kleen Edge Low Tack Mashing Tape or you will damage your original plastidip.
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Easy Mask Low Tack masking tape designed specifically for masking gentle and delicate surfaces. Ideal for use in striping and faux finishing applications. The adhesive is U-V resistant so it will leave no adhesive residue, even if left in direct sunlight.

Features and Benefits:

Low-tack, no-bleed tape for delicate surfaces
Perfect for creating faux effects & Stripes
14-day clean release
Flexible and conformable
Strips cleanly
Can be used on wallpapers and delicate surfaces
Available in 24mm , 36mm & 48mm width x 50m length
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