How to Mask your Car to be Plasti Dipped

The ultimate guide of how to mask off your car or truck to be dipped with plasti dip. how to prep your vehicle with tape for grilles, trim, window trim, pickup truck bed, headlights, tail lights, door handle. Peel Coat

Easy tip for taping trim, which needs to be peeled off when wet. Just take a different color tape for the different trim pieces. i.e. tape the stuff that needs to be peeled of when wet blue and the remaing trim red.
from Pieter PaƟmann

One thing that I found that works, for those with time and a steady hand, is to use a stencil razor to go down crease in case the dip drys on you when masking certain areas such as the grill. The razor goes right between the crease flush against the paint, but you wont scratch the paint under the paint as long as you keep the blade in the crease. The dip is really easy to slice with a sharp razor so you definitely do not want to press hard or go too deep.
from Brandon Underwood

Quick tip for anyone who has dip sticking to there tape. GIVE IT A QUICK SHOT OF DIP. Go light so you won't see it on your final product, just give it a quick spray, and the tape/whatever else you're trying to take off will not peel dip off of your final product.
from Peter Magri


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