Bright Aluminium Plasti Dip Metalizer

Bright Aluminium Plasti Dip Metalizer

Plasti Dip Aerosol - Super Bright Aluminium Metalizer

Like all Plasti Dip metalizers this Super Bright Aluminium Plasti Dip Metalizer must be applied over an existing coat of Plasti Dip. Unlike other plastidip metalizers, Bright Aluminium has a very strong coverage over your base coat. if you are starting a new project, select plasti dip gun metal grey or black as base coat.To get good coverage with these colours. Apply 3 base coats and then apply 3 coats of bright aluminium for a super bright finish.

On an existing plastidip project like car or motorbike wheels, clean plasti dip and spray 3 or more coats of super bright aluminium metalizer over existing plasti dip for your desired look.

Note : we do not ship any items outside of the Republic and Northern Ireland. If you need a shipment to any other country in the EU please contact us.

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