Plasti dip Black & White

What,s plasti dip black & white and green all over.

A Chevrolet sonic

Look at what you can do with some plasti dip matte black and white aerosols.
Spraying the wheels is simple, just apply 4 coats or more, if you want you can remove them from the car and lay flat on the ground. Adding a stripe requires masking tape, try out our low tack masking tape, perfect for plasti dip.check out how to masking video.

One of the many amazing things you can do with plasti dip is remove it for a whole new colour or design on your car, bike, boat, motorbike,arts & crafts and so much more. Talk to us at iplastidip for advice and information on your next plasti dip project.
Check out video removing plasti dip for more information.